07 October 2007

Ben Stiller is a 'Heartbreaker'

Secretly, don't you think critics were hoping 'The Heartbreak Kid' would fail at the box office, just so they could make a pun with the film's title. It's practically daring them to make it, and many didn't refuse the offer.

How about this via MSNBC?
"Stiller, Farrellys find ‘Heartbreak’ at box office"


This via Entertainment Weekly?
"Ben Stiller's box office 'Heartbreak'"

Poor critics can't help themselves.


J.D. said...

Ah, I REALLY love how we in America consider $14 million "heartbreaking". Ahh.

Now, unsurprising and legitimate box office failures news, The Dark is Rising, or The Seeker, or The Seeker: The Dark is Rising (I NEED AN ADULT! I NEED AN ADULT!) didn't even make $4 million.


At least Bridge to Terabithia made some bank earlier this year. :D

Rural Juror said...

It's heartbreaking on a 60 million dollart budget, not counting advertising.

As for Seeker, this proves lightning bolt scars don't strike twice