30 June 2008

James McAvoy is Officially a Hollywood Leading Man

Now that Wanted is a $51.1 million blockbuster, I'm going to call it: James McAvoy has officially arrived. For my fellow McManiacs and I, this is bittersweet for it is inevitable that droves of prepubescent girls will flock to fandom. But we were here first!

Regardless, congrats Jimmy! Remember us while you hit the big time.

24 June 2008

Couldn't Have Thought of a Better Name Myself

Disaster Movie

Another year, another horrific looking parody movie. Honestly, when will people stop going to these things?

And have we honesty reached the point where these movies are parodying not movies but trailers? Because Hancock isn't even out yet, and The Incredible Hulk wouldn't have been out while they were making this movie. How can you parody something you haven't even seen? You can't.

19 June 2008

Need More Proof Asia Argento is Amazing?

Just look at her movie posters.

She's totally fearless. She may not be the best actress out there, but she's one of the bravest.

. . . Or something.

04 June 2008

Is it Just Me or Is Greg Kinnear Getting Better With Age?

I recently saw Baby Mama and while I didn't think it was particularly great, I was generally amused throughout and never bored. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey managed to pull off both the comedy AND the drama remarkably well, and most successful aspects of the film were due to their work.

But that's not the point of this post. Watching Baby Mama, I was struck by how amazing Greg Kinnear is looking these days. Seriously, he's never looked better. Am I crazy, or is Mr. Kinnear aging incredibly well?

It's almost enough to make a gay hate Tina Fey . . . almost.

02 June 2008

Let's Hear it for Lost's Most Interesting Character (spoilers)

Sun, played by Yunjin Kim.

I know, I know. More traditionalists would answer Ben or Locke or Juliet, but not me. This week's season finale solidified in my mind that the character of Sun is the most interesting and most dynamic character on the show. It doesn't hurt that Yunjin Kim is a fantastic actress either.

Just look at where she started in comparison to where she is now. In the first season, she was the largely silent and dominated wife of Daniel Dae Kim's Jin. She was meek and afraid to speak to others. Soon, through flashback, we learned that we didn't have the whole story. We learned that she spoke English, that she had been planning to leave her husband, that she had an affair. Eventually, Jin found it, and they've become equal partners in the relationship. Where the last part of Thursday's finale leaves them is open for debate, I think . . . I'm not totally buying his demise.

And now, in flash forwards, it seems that Sun has become the same kind of shrewd yet cruelly calculating business woman as her father. Did she approach Charles Widmore to get back at Ben, or is she setting a trap for the shady fellow and father of Penelope? I have no idea, but I'm interested to see how much further they can develop this constantly growing character.