03 October 2007

Bad Idea Jeans

Hey, do you guys remember when Rob Zombie's Halloween remake was announced and everyone was up in arms about it? Do you also remember when it came out, and everyone was proven wrong because it was scary as hell, leading critics to declare it a horror classic that even improves over the original? No?Well Michael Bay does!

Due to the success of Halloween, Michael Bay is now working on a MUCH NEEDED reimagining of Friday the 13th. And even better, he's hired the guys who wrote Freddy vs. Jason, the movie that FINALLY got Kelly Rowland in front of a film camera where she so desperately belongs!


Finally this is being remade! Screw Mrs. Voorhees! She killed people, sure, but she had motivation! Who wants horror villains to have character traits? Michael Bay knows what the public wants, and what we want is Jason randomly chopping Megan Fox in half and senselessly skewering Alexis Bledel with a javelin while Rihanna and Zac Efron have PG-13 appropriate sex in a canoe. I, for one, can not wait!

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