17 July 2009

My Top 10 of 2008

It occurs to me that I never posted my top to 0f 2008. Well, here it is, mainly for keeping track for myself.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Catch a Rising Star

In a previous post, I heralded the career of Mia Wasikowska, an Australian actress who is the now the new Alice for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I also mentioned that she starred in a great little Australian flick called September that I saw when I was in Australia for four months a few years ago. Well, the September train keeps on plugging along.

Entertainment Weekly announced today that Australian actor Xavier Samuel has been cast in the third Twilight film. Though I'm not particularly interested in the movie (haven't seen the first, won't see the second, have never read the books, etc . . . ), I am interested in the casting. Samuel made quite a good impression on me in that film and, though it might be a bit premature to herald him as the next big thing, it's nice to see him getting so high profile roles alongside Wasikowska.

According to Entertainment Weekly, he's playing someone named 'Riley'. I haven't the faintest idea who that is being completely ignorant of most 'Twilight' information, but I might have to seek out this movie if it means catching up with a promising actor. And I need to see September again.