24 October 2007

Catch a Rising Star

Know who that is? If you don't, it looks like you will in a few years time.

Zoe Saldana is probably best known at this point for being the girl who isn't Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean or for being that girl from that bad Ashton Kutcher movie, but she's starring in 2 of the highest profile movies of the next few years: JJ Abrams' Star Trek (scheduled release 2008) and James Cameron's Avatar (scheduled release 2009).

It's nice to see a black actress not trapped in the Hollywood casting vortex of playing girlfriend to Will Smith or Denzel Washington in action movies.

Who knows? Maybe she's our next Sigourney Weaver...not that we need a new one because Sigourney is still amazing. I'm just sayin'.


Michael Parsons said...

I SO had her confused with Naomie Harris, who I LOVE.
It is wonderful that black actors are getting cast more, and are getting more opportunities, but it is still not enough. The divide between the black movie and the white is still huge!

RC said...

michael, i thought it was Naomie Harris at first too with the pirates reference.

that ring she's wearing is crazy.

she has an interesting filmography so far...starting with Macy's commercials...but you're right she does have some impressive upcoming projects.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I briefly wrote about Zoe a while back. I'm really happy she's breaking out with these big movies. Sister Girlfriend (to quote Marcia "I've got nothing to say" Hines) is awesome.

Marius said...

First, she looks lovely in that picture.

Anyway, Rural, you've made me love your blog even more. I love this woman. I loved her in Center Stage. However, I want to offer a slight correction. She isn't African American; she's a Black Hispanic American. I think her parents are from the Dominican Republic. Though, at times, I question her range, I really hope she achieves the type of success she deserves.

Rural Juror said...

hey...no problem. Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

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