08 October 2007

The 2006 Rural Jurors

Yes, I know it's October of 2007, but my blog doesn't have these on here and, damnit, I'm putting 'em up!

Best Picture

Children of Men

Best Director

Alfonso Cuarón for Children of Men

Best Actor

James McAvoy in The Last King of Scotland

Best Actress

Helen Mirren in The Queen

Best Supporting Actor

Sergi López in Pan's Labyrinth

Best Supporting Actress

Maribel Verdú in Pan's Labyrinth

Best Cameo/Limited Performance

Rose McGowan in The Black Dahlia


J.D. said...


Except I'll never get why people use tht poster. This is the one, I tellz ya!

Rural Juror said...

Ok....that poster rules. Changed.

I know you love my girl Maribel.

M said...

Hell YES to Rose!!

Rural Juror said...

She was the only good thing in that entire mess of a movie

J.D. said...

I don't even remember her to be honest. Actually, I don't think I remember anything about it...

Rural Juror said...

Her part was small