03 October 2007

"It Wasn't There..."

On today's dispatch from the New York Film Festival, Matt Singer and Alison Wilmore of the IFC News Podcast (my 2 personal heroes) discussed Todd Haynes' new Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There. Their opinion...? The film is fairly uneven throughout with some parts (Cate Blanchett's segment set at the height of fame) working much better than others (Richard Gere's confounding segment about a recluse in backwoods Missouri).

Cate Blanchett is apparently the stand out of the film, and it still seems likely that she will receive an Oscar nomination (Harvey Weinstein is even quoted to have said he would kill himself if she doesn't).

No mention at all about the segment I was most interested in (the one featuring Perfume's Ben Whishaw), but the word is that his segment is the smallest.

Oh well...at least I can enjoy his picture that I had to cap from the trailer. His part's so small there's not even any stills of him I could find, just 50 bajillion of Cate Blanchett. He's SO pretty, even under that rat's nest.

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