02 October 2007

A Must Read: ANTM Recaps

If you aren't already, I beg you to read the hillarious recaps of America's Next Top Model posted on Four Four every Monday. Click here for the newest one.

Apparently, this cycle is smoke free, which I guess means all the models who have to quit smoking are going to get fat as they go through withdrawl and eat everything in sight.

Even if you hate the show, you'll laugh your ass off. Tyra Banks is crazier than a whole room full of Tom Cruises.

Want proof?

Need I say more?

There's PLENTY more where that came from over at Four Four. It's definitely worth a look.

P.S. I PROMISE I have good taste. My interest in ANTM is more like the interest you might have driving by a three car pile up on the highway...only this pile up includes Twiggy and the word 'fierce' 300 times.

1 comment:

Stacie Ponder said...

Don't be ashamed of the ANTM love...I've fallen victim myself.