02 October 2007

A Must See: Matt Singer and Alison Wilmore

I know this is the second time I've told people to stop reading my crap and go enjoy something else, but this one is definitely worth it AND has nothing to do with Tyra Banks. I swear.

All this week, Matt Singer and Alison Wilmore of the IFC News Podcast (which everyone should listen to religiously) have been doing live video reports from the New York Film Festival and have been discussing their thoughts on films that they have seen. Some they have liked (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) and some they have....not (Redacted). They broadcast live at 1:00 pm US Eastern time, but you can swing by at anytime to watch the video of the broadcast. Anyone who does tune in live, however, can ask them questions.

Ok, enough selling.

Click here to watch.

God I love these guys...

Listen to their podcasts if you like what you see. The ones still online can be found here.

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