07 September 2008

Hear a Preview of 'The Wrestler' score.

In case anyone was actually wondering, I'm still alive.

Anyway, I don't really have time to post much these days, but something I though was pretty exciting came my way via Cinematical.

If you head over to music maestro Clint Mansell's MySpace page, you can hear a section of his score for Darren Aronofsky's (award winning) new film The Wrestler.

Exciting, no? It's got a great sound to it-somber and gritty with some redemptive notes near the end, and I can practically imagine the film unfolding to this without having seen a single frame.

With Rachel Weisz already getting good notices for her performance in Rian Johnson's latest, The Brothers Bloom, this looks to be the year of Mr. and Mrs. Aronofsky.

Aaaah . . . the sweet smell of success.