18 April 2010

Rural's Week of the Dead (Part Deux)

So ... I got sick again, and I decided to take in some more zombie-lore. Here it goes.

There's spoilers. Duh.

Survival of the Dead (2010)
: So ... Oh, George Romero. You have really gone off the deep end. I mean, OK ... the first thing we have to talk about is the fact that there are two Irish farming families living on an island off the coast of Delaware.

Why did they have to be Irish? I mean, it's not like those actors were REALLY Irish, right? Pretty sure this was 100% Canada.

I understand it's a sort of sequel to his 2007 film Diary of the Dead, but I am kind of over the Blair Witch rip off schtick (unless it's done well like in Paranormal Activity) so I can't say I saw it. I'm a little bit confused about why Romero's later films seem to be, like, approaching zombies from a humanitarian point of view. OK ... They can be trained to eat horses. Great ... I'd bet they'll still eat humans, too.

Anyway, this really wasn't that bad, Irish accents aside. I wouldn't call it a return to form at all, but it was certainly a lot better than Land of the Dead, which I didn't particularly like in the first 'Week of the Dead' post. Romero has always been a low budget director, and you can definitely tell when comparing the fun of this movie to Land of the Dead.

HOWEVER ... CGI can be great, but if it's cheap CGI don't bother. The CGI here is horrific.

Oh, Tom Savini. Come back to us!

We're Alive: Well, I wasn't able to take in any more zombie films, but I have started listening to
this great little podcast/radio drama that follows a group of survivors who've fortified themselves in an abandoned skyscraper in Los Angeles after zombies begin to walk the earth.

It's a really good listen and a really good story. Check it out if you so desire.