16 March 2008

My Top 10 of 2007

Continuing on from my late (as usual) personal awards, I present my top 10 films of 2007.












RC said...

glad to see your post on your top 10. i haven't posted mine, but for the most part similar films, very different order.

i think the only one that shows up high on my list that wasn't on yours was gone baby gone.

a few are just below top 10 on my list too...ratatoille is #1 for me in 2007 (unless there is something so amazing that i've missed, but i don't really think it'll change)

thanks for posting your list.

Rural Juror said...

I haven't actually seen Gone Baby Gone, to be honest. I really do want to, though.

Michael Parsons said...

I refuse to do a proper top 10 this year. There were so many movies I loved this year and to picka favourite would be a crime to the others. I will of course be doing a top 12 (I have to be different) and I am pretty sure it will be similar to yours.

I loved Atonement so much better on my second viewing!!!

nick plowman said...

I have not done an "official" top ten yet,I have not seen all the 2007 films I need to, so once I have, the list will be up. Right now I am doing more of a running list, where it can change at a moments notice.

Our lists are pretty similar.

J.D. said...

Hey, I've seen 9 of those!

*happy dance*

David said...

I agree about Gone Baby Gone. You might have to revise your list. :-)