31 March 2008

I miss Winona Ryder!

I was surfing around YouTube, and I came across this great montage tribute to Noni set to 'Nothing Compares 2 U' by Sinead O'Connor. It made me miss our favorite '90s girl more than ever. I'm glad we're getting her back.

P.S. You can have your Katharine Hepburn. Winona Ryder is my Jo March.


Dame James Henry said...

As much as I love Kate Hepburn (and I do. Alot), I agree that Winona was the better Jo March. Such an underrated performance.

Erin said...
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oakling said...

Well, she was born to play Jo! I haven't seen Hepburn do it, but it's hard to imagine - I always see her as fiery in a more formal way. Although she WAS super-New-England-y.