06 February 2008

Let's Play 'Predict the Ending Based on the Trailer'

We all know that trailers these days give away too much. So let's see how well we can do at predicting a movie based entirely off of the movie's trailer.

Definitely, Maybe
So, based off of the trailer, what we have here is a movie in which Ryan Reynolds is toying with Abigail Breslin by refusing to tell her who her mother is . . . or something. Anyway, the central mystery seems to be the identity of said mother. Is it Rachel Weisz, Elisabeth Banks, or Isla Fischer?

Let's do some eliminating. Elisabeth Banks is really only shown in the past in those trailers which COULD mean she's the mother, and the trailer isn't showing her to us. To me, though, her character just seems to disappear at a certain point. So, not her.

That leaves us with Rachel and Isla. In the trailer, he takes Abigail Breslin to see Isla in the future so either the trailer is giving away WAY too much or that's a red herring. Plus, her character seems wacky and heavens knows how much screenwriters these days like wacky women in romantic comedies.

"Isn't she hillarious," they say. "She treats him like crap/stalks him etc . . . SHE'S PERFECT!" If Fatal Attraction had been written by Nora Ephron, bunny boiling would be just some endearing and quirky character trait that the audience finda adorable.

Then we have Rachel. The trailer doesn't tell us too much about her, really . . . but I think we catch a glimpse of future her in the tv spot. I can't imagine that the spawn of Ryan Reynolds and Rachel Weisz would look anything like Abigail Breslin, but there's always the chance.

Of course, there's always the option that we haven't discussed: the movie isn't going to disclose the identity of the mother, and Ryan Reynolds isn't going to end up with any of the 3 ladies. Instead, he will tell his daughter that the story, "does have a happy ending". He has a daughter who he loves.


If I had to guess, that's the ending I see happening. It's possible he will end up with one of the girls in the end, but, if so, it won't be the mother. My guess, Isla as the mother, Rachel as the chosen love . . . but I stil predict the end with just him and his daughter.

And there you have it. What are your predictions? There's no wrong answer until the movie comes out. Definitely . . . well, maybe.


Spiteful Lars said...

Having seen the movie I'm happy to report that the trailer doesn't give much away. I will say this one doesn't zag in the typical Rom-Com manner.

Rural Juror said...

So am I even close?

17 Year Old Blogger said...

I have seen the movie as well. And no you are not close. Don't listen to what the trailer says becuase you will be easily fooled...

Rural Juror said...

Well, that's a pleasant surprise to hear.

RJ said...

Wow. I was OFFFFFF.