30 March 2009

Things I'm Loving This Week

Mishavonna Henson's version of 'Drops of Jupiter.' How this girl didn't even make Wild Card night on American Idol is something I'll never understand.

NBC's shamefully low rated, addictive melodrama, Kings. This show is the quintessential guilty pleasure. It's a little bit like the similarly addictive The Tudors, except with better lighting and more religious allegory. If I tried to explain the pseudo-science fiction meets Old Testament plot, I wouldn't do justice to just how watchable this show is. The entire cast is just right, but I got to give credit to Susanna Thompson who plays Queen Bitch like nobody else and Ian McShane who anchors this show with a lot of gusto. Special shout out to Prince Jack (played by Sebastian Stan). Good to have a gay character on TV whose entire storyline isn't about his sexuality. Watching this on Hulu is the highlight of my Mondays.

Dean Stockwell in A Long Day's Journey Into Night. Yum Yum delicious. I spent my entire first class today just GAPING at him.


Dame James Henry said...

If you find Dean Stockwell yummy in Long Day's Journey Into Night (and you'd have to be crazy not to), then you should check him out in 1959's Compulsion. The film is a standard retelling of the Leopold and Loeb case, but the film is a touch homoerotic (well, as homoerotic as a 1950's film from one of the major studios can be) and Stockwell is quite good in it as well.

Dan Faurot said...

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