13 November 2007

Today in Bull Shit

Listen, Nic...can I call you Nic? Listen Nic. I honestly couldn't give a shit if you've had cow fat injected into your lips or whatever. I mean, you have. It's obvious you have, but I'm not one to judge. Hell, Jane Fonda's composition is probably more Mattel than anything else at this point, and she's still as amazing in my eyes as she was in the '70s.

The thing is, though, JUST DON'T LIE ABOUT IT! It just makes me people start scrutinizing. Do you remember when every Gawker, Perez, and 17-year old with a computer was posting before and after shots of Ashlee Simpson's nose? Do you want that? Do you?

Just shut up, dye your hair red again, start a steady diet of solid food and sunlight, and hopefully we can all go back to being good friends.


P.S. Congrats on the hot hubbie. Seriously, where does one find a hot Australian country singer who lives in Nashville? I wouldn't believe it existed if I didn't see it in tight jeans and holding a guitar with its strong arms...

You totally beat Maverick.

EDIT: This is NOT the same person.


Michael Parsons said...

Alas my love for her is fading fast. I agree, it is all in the hair colour.

RC said...

you know...you could try pulling up some before and after shots.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I can't believe you find him attractive. Seriously, I think he's one of the most fugliest musicians of all time.