21 June 2009

The Return of 'Kings'

One of the most interesting show's to come out of NBC in a long time returned last week, and if you haven't watched yet, now is the time to start. Though the episode it returned on last week was a tad overblown, Saturday's episode (now viewable on Hulu) might just be the best yet. The episode explains a few of the secrets that have been simmering underneath the show's surface as well as further explaining the motivations of Ian McShane's King Silas. There's also a nice little tid bit for the 'Kings' fanatic involving the playing of a piano that seems to connect several plot lines together quite wonderfully.

Plus. Prince Jack. Gay stuff.


Anonymous said...

"Kings" is fabulous. It's perfectly cast. Family members even look related. Five more weeks and it's over. And then we have LenoX5 to look forward to.

Dame James said...

What is it about a blackout that makes for great television. Gossip Girl's best episode was also the one where they had a blackout. Hmm.

Also, is it just me or is David and the Princess the Nate & Vanessa of this show? I really wish they would just go off and being boring together and leave much more room for the King & Queen and Prince Jack

RJ said...

I kind of agree, James.

Altho the weakest link of the show is FAR AND AWAY Maculay Caulkin. What happened?

Encore Entertainment said...

does this mean it's coming back in the fall?