02 June 2008

Let's Hear it for Lost's Most Interesting Character (spoilers)

Sun, played by Yunjin Kim.

I know, I know. More traditionalists would answer Ben or Locke or Juliet, but not me. This week's season finale solidified in my mind that the character of Sun is the most interesting and most dynamic character on the show. It doesn't hurt that Yunjin Kim is a fantastic actress either.

Just look at where she started in comparison to where she is now. In the first season, she was the largely silent and dominated wife of Daniel Dae Kim's Jin. She was meek and afraid to speak to others. Soon, through flashback, we learned that we didn't have the whole story. We learned that she spoke English, that she had been planning to leave her husband, that she had an affair. Eventually, Jin found it, and they've become equal partners in the relationship. Where the last part of Thursday's finale leaves them is open for debate, I think . . . I'm not totally buying his demise.

And now, in flash forwards, it seems that Sun has become the same kind of shrewd yet cruelly calculating business woman as her father. Did she approach Charles Widmore to get back at Ben, or is she setting a trap for the shady fellow and father of Penelope? I have no idea, but I'm interested to see how much further they can develop this constantly growing character.


Michael Parsons said...

she has always been my favourite on the show. I know people love Ben and Locke, but they are overly written characters, you never see then has a whole human being. Sun on the other hand is this. She has done things on the island that will forever change her. She is a murderer!

I totally agree with on this. I also have to say the in the brief glimspes you see of Claire (in the hut and the season finale) she has made such an impression that I hope season 5 brings more of her.

Vance said...

Oh, I've always found Sun interesting since day one. With the whole faking English thing, she had my heart.

That ff with Charles was freaky good! I'm so curious what THAT is all about but Yunjin Kim plays it so well.

I agree with Michael on the Claire thing too. Sun and Claire are generally more underwritten than the guys but I think the actresses have played it so well that there's still so much to be explored.