19 April 2008

Behold: the Next Great Summer Blockbuster!


I think this video clearly demonstrates the concept of finding humor in reality. There's nothing obviously funny about anything in it. They play it about as straight as they can, actually. What's funny is that, if Hollywood decided to churn out a movie based on Tetris, it's pretty easy to imagine it could look something like this.

Side bar: Am I allowed to say that certain shots reminded me of Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire without sounding too pompous? Because, they really did. In fact, signing a reputable filmmaker like Wim Wenders to direct a mindless summer film is just the kind of surprising head smacker that Hollywood likes to pull sometimes. Think Ang Lee directing 'The Hulk'.

So, dear readers, who would you cast in the lead roles if they ever expanded this trailer to feature length? My money's on some indie actress seeking main stream appeal for the female lead and an up an coming actor looking for that ONE BIG ROLE as our hero. I'm thinking maybe something like Olivia Thirlby plus copious amounts of peroxide and Charlie Hunnam plus 15 pounds of muscle. You?

I feel like we need a good actor for the villain, too. Preferably someone who has played the villain a million times OR someone who never has. They have to have won an Oscar, though. Who should it be?

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