13 December 2007

Hey, Hollywood Foreign Press

No Once? Not even for best song? Are you kidding me? But you have PLENTY of room for Evan Rachel Wood's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

And what's all this The Great Debaters business? I can understand the snub of Into the Wild . . . you obviously just don't want Sean Penn to come to your big party. It's ok, I wouldn't either, but still. It hurts me.

On the bright side, good call on Bryce Dallas Howard. She rocked that movie.


Michael Parsons said...

All I am saying it YAY for Atonement. I was worried it would be forgotten in some sort of frount runner back lash

Rural Juror said...

This is true . . . Knightley might even be getting in over Linney. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, YAY for Atonement, but Across the Universe was good too, it's all a matter of oinion. Keira Kinghtley is not getting an Oscar, a glob is possible, but not the real prize. Once didn't have enough star power for the Golden Globes, which sucks hey.