08 January 2009

Rural's Thoughts While Watching . . .

Sex and the City (2008)

- Okaaaaay, so Fergie . . . This movie and I are NOT of to a good start.


- Patricia Fields needs to get a real job. Stop sticking glitter and crap you find on the street on to dresses and calling yourself a designer. Just stop.

- STEVE'S ASS!!!!!!

- I like you a lot Candy Bergen, but maybe it's time to try something new. There's only so many ways you can play Candice Bergen. I mean, you're great at it, and I'm sure the houses you're buying are gorgeous. But still.

- Look at Steve crying, Miranda! How can you NOT forgive him?


- Oh. Jennifer Hudson. Fuuuun.

- AWWWW. Steve and Miranda together again. Remember when Miranda professed her love for him at Brady's birthday in the laundry
room with the cake and he was all, "I love you, too." I love that episode. I really want to watch that episode again.

- This movie is long. Benjamin Button long.

- So . . . Samantha is 50 and single and jobless(?). And this is empowering?

- Not as bad as I was expecting (thank god). Definitely had its moments. Definitely made me want to watch some old episodes again. Still . . . maybe a little TOO much. I mean, 2 1/2 hours?

- I've missed you Steve.


Michael Parsons said...

"So . . . Samantha is 50 and single and jobless(?). And this is empowering?"


Matt said...

I like this method of 'real time' film reviewing... but i do think i was more disappointed than you were. it was a bad movie, but what made it SO bad, was the most unforgivable sin of the cinema... loooooooong.

RJ said...

Oh. It's NOT a good movie. I think I just kind of enjoyed checking in on characters from a show I love.

But you won't ever hear me say this was particularly good. It wasn't. It just wasn't awful.

RJ said...

And I didn't have much to say about any characters other than Miranda and Steve b/c I didn't really give a shit. Why was Jennifer Hudson even in this movie?

JA said...

Steve's ass made this movie palatable.

Anonymous said...


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