31 December 2008

A conversation between RJ and a friend after watching the 'Bride Wars' trailer

RJ: Weird . . .

Emma: What?

RJ: Isn't Kate Hudson a lot older than Anne Hathaway?

Emma: Hmmm . . . maybe.

RJ: I mean, isn't she like 40?

Emma: No! At most, she's 35 or something.

RJ: Still, isn't Anne Hathaway like 19?

Emma: I think she's 22.

RJ: Look it up.

Emma: So . . . apparently Kate Hudson is only 29, and Anne Hathaway is actually 26.

RJ: What?!

Emma: I think Kate Hudson seems older since she's been around for a while.

RJ: I'm still not seeing that movie.

That was a conversation between RJ and a friend after watching the 'Bride Wars' trailer.


J.D. said...

Annie's ageless in my eyes.

Dame James Henry said...

The only reason I want to see this movie is for the scene where Anne Hathaway beats the shit out of Kate Hudson. Worth the price of admission alone.

Anneli said...

I also got surprised at how young Kate Hudson is... I think because when she got her breakout role in Almost Famous, I thought she was mid-20's, but she was still a teenager at that point.

JA said...

The boyfriend and I had the same conversation, only we were both too lazy to actually look up their ages and just assumed that Kate had to have some extra work done so she wouldn't look like Annie's old boozy aunt.

RC said...

that trailer was crazy...

anne hathaway could become oscar nominated anne hathaway along with oscary-hudson.

they each deserve minus points for this movie...ugh!

Anonymous said...


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