02 July 2008

Adrien and Emmanuelle Take on 'Giallo'

Anyone who has seen The Mother of Tears can attest to the fact that Dario Argento is just a wee bit off his game lately. Not that I don't enjoy good cheesy fun involving Asia Argento and suprisingly easy to defeat witches dressed like Robert Smith groupies, but it seems a bit lazy not to reshoot a scene of a baby being thrown off of a bridge in which the arm of the stand-in doll pops off mid air.

Regardless, I find it hard NOT to anticipate his upcoming 2009 release Giallo, starring slim and sultry Academy Award winner Adrien Brody and Mrs. Roman Polanski and Eurotrash pop star herself Emmanuelle Seigner as an Italian detective and American stewardess on the hunt for a mysterious serial killer preying on young women in Turin. (I'll let you figure out who plays which character.) A few stills have been released on Argento's official website, these featuring our two leads:

I hesitate to call them romantic leads for I don't think as a general rule Argento has shown a tendency to wrap his films up with lovebirds walking off into the sunset. He does, however, end films with his daughter covered in sewage and laughing while surrounded by the remnants of a collapsed demonic mansion.

As much as I think this film will probably be as silly as its predecessor, I can't help but anticipate seeing these two walking cheek bone machines run in peril around the shady back streets of Dario Argento's vision of Italy. Set the date on your calendar.

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Dame James Henry said...

Hmmmm....I've never seen a Dario Argento movie (bad me, I know) but this one sounds pretty interesting. I loved Emmanuelle Seigner in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and that song of hers they used in the film ("Don't Kiss Me Goodbye") is breathtakingly beautiful.